Demand For Same-Day Delivery Is On The Rise

September 9th, 2017

M-Commerce has changed the shopping behaviour of consumers; store familiarity and loyalty have long been replaced by the need for instant gratification.

So, while patience is still considered an important virtue by the many, it is not put into practice in online shopping.

Shoppers are constantly on the lookout for retailers who can get their orders at their doorstep within the shortest possible time frame-one day.

Same-day delivery has become increasingly important to online businesses as mobile shopping continues to rise.

On the one hand it can help a retailer generate more revenue because customers are willing to pay more to get their orders on the same day, but on the other hand it could be challenging to businesses that are not equipped to ship orders in 24 hours or less.

Most UK shoppers prefer same-day shipping

Based on the data gathered by from several surveys, UK has beat the United States and Australia in terms of the number of online shoppers searching for companies that can deliver within the day.

In a survey which it conducted among 523 online shoppers, 52% said they will choose to buy from a retailer who offers same-day delivery over those that didn’t, while 67% of them said they would spend more for this shipping option.

The report also revealed the following:

  • 36% are willing to pay additional £10 to £15 for same-day shipping
  • 34% will use it for Valentine’s Day
  • 31% for Christmas
  • 28% for birthdays
  • 7% for other occasions

How to get started

The battle for the fastest delivery service heats up as large retailers like Amazon and Argos aim to prove that they’re the best; Tesco joins the race too with its one-hour delivery service.

Now don’t think for a second that you can’t compete with them because you’re not in the same league as they are.

However, note that the decision whether or not to offer same-day delivery should be based upon your products.

Aside from grocery items, this service is usually for last-minute gifts like flowers, chocolates, and balloons.

Try running it for a specific period of time and then get your customers’ feedback to know if the program is worth considering for your business.

If they liked it but you can’t provide the service on your own, consider teaming up with a third-party logistics company.

Same-day delivery has gone from being an option on your eCommerce store to a customer-centred business strategy; without it, you’re likely to lag behind other online retailers.

Draw up a plan which will enable you to offer and maintain this service for the sake of your customers.

How Certified Translation Services Help Your Business to Grow in European Countries

September 9th, 2017

Globalisation has opened doors to international markets, and today India is not only the fastest growing market globally but is a strategic partner for the European Union committing to increasing bilateral trade and investment in the Free Trade Agreement negotiations which began in 2007. Further, the European Union is India’s number one trading partner today. The values of EU exports to India have grown to approximately 38 billion Euro while the imports are about 40 billion Euro.

Multilingual Europe
Europe is a continent of many countries, each with its language and multicultural societies. The European Union itself has 29 member states with 24 recognised languages. But it is widely accepted that English, French and German are the most used general and procedural languages. This highlights the need for an excellent and expert translation service which can seamlessly transfer the company’s requirements and brand value.

Global Translation Services
Did you know that last year nearly two lakh pages were translated back and forth between English and European languages? This calls or an expert global translation service which not only knows the language but possesses the skills to take your business forward. A certified translation service is the need of the hour.

The e-commerce marketplace is the fastest growing market and requires efficient handling of all written material. Localising of the relevant website and making it functional for the particular market is a must. Brand value development requires experts who can modify and tailor the content while keeping the identity, ideology and integrity of the product intact when introducing it to a new marketplace. This requires the services of a top certified translation service.

Is online translation the answer?
As companies and businesses are becoming multilingual, relocate or expand into countries speaking different languages the easiest option seems the automatic online translations. More than five hundred million people use the online translation every day, but does it work efficiently?

Risks of online translation: There are several problems which arise when solely depending on online translations.

The issue of literal translation: Translating options on popular websites work on the methodology of word-to-word translation spewing out the literal interpretation of the meaning, creating a document which may be readable but certainly not useful. One must keep in mind that many words and phrases do not translate effectively and need an expert who can understand, apply the required syntax and then communicate the original document correctly into the target language.

Grammatical shortcomings: Not all languages work with the English system of the noun-verb agreement. To make sense of the text, the sentence needs to be correct and have the right flow and style which should seem natural in the target language. If the words are jumbled, it may have an adverse impact on the potential business partner or customer so make use of a global translation service to have happy customers.

Business terms: Machines are not configured to provide valid translation to technical terms. The terminology of legal, marketing, engineering and technology sectors is precise to the country of origin as well as to the target language. It is imperative to use a certified translation service which has experts who can understand the nuances of the terms and do the correct translations for your business documents.

As the global market expands and the Internet gives businesses the impetus to reach all corners of the globe, certified translation services have become a necessity for effective communication across geographies.